Company Profile

Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Gingerway Technologies Co.,Ltd specializes in home automation and household appliances R&D. The company core team owns years of experience in the field of telecom, communication and software industry, devotes to quickly responding to customer demands, tailor-making green, fast, convenient and free intelligent life for customers.

Main Products:  smart gateway, smart switch, smart module, smart alarm system and cloud solution, etc. The products own multiple national patents, and are widely praise. Meanwhile, Gingerway also provide kinds of home automation solution for home, business and hotel customers, to realize unified management and customized scene, to save cost for them and improve the customer vale.

Gingerway is willling to grow together with the partenrs around the world, to jointly creat a creative life of "As You Wish" .

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Fax : +86-755-9405

Featured Products

  • GW-9324 SmartC Wi-Fi Smart Gatew..

    GW-9324 SmartC Wi-Fi Smart Gatew..

  • GW--D Customized Smart RF 3-..

    GW--D Customized Smart RF 3-..

  • GW-7328-DU Smart RF 1-Gang Wall ..

    GW-7328-DU Smart RF 1-Gang Wall ..



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