DU series of smart switches(US/AU standard) are officially launched

2017-10-30 14:04:08 Gingerway 150

This October, Gingerway sincerely releases DU series of smart switches(US/AU standard).


Gingerway DU series of products are mainly targeted at the customers from North America, Australia and other countries or regions which use this standard products . This series of products include smart control panels, kinds of smart switches, curtain controllers. Their functions are same as D series of products and they can replace them to use.


Not only keep the consistent high quality of Gingerway, DU series of products also provide the personalized private customization. The glass panel are white/black optional, the icon and text both can be customized according to your personal preference. Say no to ordinary and sameness, to make your home different from the rest.


The launch of DU series of products makes Gingerway product coverage more complete that have been able to meet the demands of customers in different countries or regions, it also puts Gingerway ahead in the market of smart home customization.

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