The feature of voice control has been added into Gingerway smart home

2018-06-06 15:58:17 Gingerway 201

Smart speaker, as one of the hottest technology categories around the world right now, it’s originally designed to make people’s life easier and more fun. However, a smart speaker which without connecting smart home is hard to say it’s the authentic smart.


Not only can ask the weather or sing a song, your smart speaker can do much more than you can think and give you unexpected surprise after it connected smart home system. Imagine that — no need to lift a finger just through a voice command, you can easily switch on the lamp without getting out of bed, or turn on the “Party scene( on-off status combination of multiple devices) to enjoy a great party time with you families and friends. How amazing it will be !


Different with most smart home companies which can only connect single variety and few quantity devices to smart speaker , Gingerway’s smart home devices which supports voice control from smart switch, socket, dimmer, curtain controller, thermostat to kinds of IR devices.


As the inaugurator of smart speaker, Amazon’s Echo owns the biggest user group and more mature experience in this field. Gingerway’s “ZGinger HA Skill” has been launched in Amazon Alexa Skills, it becomes a reality to connect Amazon Alexa voice control service into our wireless smart home system to serve more and more people who wanna a smart life. And the two side both communicate through cloud that makes the operation easier and safer for users.


After bind your Amazon Echo on ZGinger Mini APP and enable ZGinger Ha Skill on Amazon Alexa APP, you can ask Amazon Echo to control your Gingerway smart home devices. The details steps of setting, please refer to HOW TO GET CONNECTED at following page:


The connection of smart speaker with Gingerway wireless smart home system provides us a hands-free chance to enjoy an easier and smarter life, Gingerway smart home has entered into the age of voice control !


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