GW--D Customized Smart RF 3-Gang Wall Touch Switch(Neutral Optional)

White/black/golden optional; Single/Double-unit switch optional. customizable icon and text .



Black, White, Golden

Main Features:

1. New generation Z-Ginger® smart home control network, a real full digital two-way communication wireless network. It can penetrate the walls, with fast response speed, high reliability and strong anti-interference capability.
2. With capacitive touch screen, fit energy saving lamp, fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp and various types of lamps.
3. Ultra-low standby power consumption:  ≤ 0.03W.
4. Maximum load power: 1000W.
5. With patented power technology P-Ginger®: fit single-wire wiring method(Without Neutral Line ), also fit double-wire wiring method(With Neutral Line).

Main Functions:

A. Manual controlling on-off function
Press the capacitive touch keys can manually control the on-off of the lamps, this function is same as the traditional switch. If the power recovered after a power cut, the switch will be at off-state automatically .

B. Remote controlling on-off function
Via the main control equipments, you can remote control the on-off state of the switch, and the operating result will feed back to the main control equipments.

C. Scene controlling function
Controlled by main control equipment, this smart RF switch can be combined with other Gingerway smart devices into different scenes in any way you like.

D. Query function
You can query the on-off state of the smart RF switch through the main control equipment.

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply

110 ~ 250VAC

Standby Power Consumption


Wireless Operating Frequency

433MHz(315M, 868M, 915M Available)

Wireless Transmit Power


RF Receiving Sensitivity


Maximum Load Power

1000W(Maximum Load Current ≤5A)

Minimum Load Power

5W(Only for single-wire wiring method, double-wire wiring method without limit )

Mounting Box Size


Working Temperature


Relative Humidity


Dimensions (L * W * H)





GW- Smart RF Switch Instruction


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