GW-5101M Smart 1Ch. Dimmer DIN Module

Gingerway smart 1Ch. dimmer DIN module is a 35mm DIN rail mounting dimmer module that can realize the intelligent controlling of dimmable lamps.


Gingerway smart 1Ch. dimmer DIN module is a 35mm DIN rail mounting dimmer module that can realize the intelligent controlling of dimmable lamps. This product can meet the requirements of intelligent controlling in the high reliable and complex application environment, such as apartment, villa, office, hotel, factory, etc.

Main Features:

1. Z-Ginger® full-digital, highly reliable, large coverage, low power consumption internet of things two-way wireless network.

2. No-flicker LED dimmer.

3. Support directly manual control by control buttons.

4. Can be used with traditional switch to realize manual controlling.

5. Can be used with kinds of Gingerway wireless controllers, to realize remote controlling and scene controlling. 

6. Multi-platform APP(must be used with SmartC gateway).

7. Fading in and fading out function, brightness memory function, tempeature protection function.

8. Maximum load power: 200W for LED lamps, 1000W for incandescent lamps .

9. 35mm DIN rail mounting.

Main Functions:

A. Manual control function
1. By Control Button:
Through the 3 control buttons of dimmer DIN module, you can manually switch on/off and adjust the brightness of the light. If the power recovered after a power cut, the switch will be at off-state automatically.

2. By Terminals:
There are 4 terminals at the bottom of dimmer DIN module, they can connect 3-Gang reset tap or common traditional switch to realize manually switch on/off and brightness adjustment of the light.

B. Remote Control Function
Via Gingerway main control equipments,  you can remote control the on-off state and adjust brightness of the light, and the operating result will feed back to the main control equipment.

C. Scene Control function
Being used with Gingerway main control equipments, it can be combined with other Gingerway smart devices into different scenes in any way you like.

D. Query Function
You can query the on-off state of the module through the main control equipments.

E. Dimming Function
Able to adjust the brightness of the LED lamp and incandescent lamp, and this function also can be realized through main control equipments. The brightness value can be memorized after adjusting the brightness, the lamp will keep the last brightness value when the lamp is turned on next time.

Scope of Application:

Applys to all kinds of silicon controlled dimmable lamps.


GW-5101M(for Reset Tap Traditional Switch)

GW-5101MT(for CommonTraditional Switch)

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply
100 ~ 250VAC  50/60HZStandby Power Consumption≤0.3W
RF Frequency433MHzRF Transmit Power~10dbm
RF Receiver Sensitivity≤-105dbmMaximum Load Power200W for LED lamps, 1000W for incandescent lamps
(at 220VAC)
Installation35mm DIN rail mountingWorking Temperature0~60℃
Environment Humidity≤80% (Non-condensing)Dimensions (L * W * H)92mm*36mm*59mm


GW-5101M Smart 1Ch. Dimmer DIN Module Instruction


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