GW-9324 SmartC Wi-Fi Smart Gateway with GSM

Fused with home automation and security alarm system, it's the ideal products of device intelligent-controlling and security alarm in houses, hotels, offices and emporiums.



Gingerway SmartC series of smart gateways integrate Gingerway mature product experiences in the field of home automation and security alarm system for many years. Based on Gingerway's own full digital wireless two-way highly reliable internet of things network technology Z-Ginger® which with large coverage and low power consumption,the ultra low power sensor technology, multi-platform APP software technology, also combined with the lasted Wi-Fi technology and cloud technology. They are the new generational smart multi-use centra equipments fused with home automation and security alarm system, they are the ideal products of device intelligent-controlling and security alarm in houses, hotels, offices and emporiums.

Main Features:

√ Z-Ginger® full-digital, highly reliable, large coverage, low power consumption internet of things wireless two-way network
√ With built-in Wi-Fi, supports 802.11 b/g/n standard
√ Support up 16 scenes, 64 devices, 128 bindings
√ Support all the smart home and alarm equipments with Z-Ginger® protocol

√ Backlit graph LCD screen
√ Universal quad-band GSM module
√ Backlit high-sensitivity capacitive toch keyboard, support "wake-on-approach" function
√ 8 user-definable touch key scenes
√ With bulit-in siren
√ Tamper alarm
√ Built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery, ensure gateway working for 8 hours in the even of a power failure
√ Support 1 gang external wired sensor input, 1 gang alarm output and 1 gang pulse output

√ Android/iOS/Windows multi-platform, multi-language APP
√ Devices fully configured in APP, simple and intuitive
√ Built-in cloud service, all the equipment operations can be finished in cloud server
√ Adopt SSL/TLS encryption technology to implement cloud communication
√ Support cloud firmware upgrade
√ Support timing, sensors linkage trigger controlling
√ Support data backup and restore

√ Low battery notification of alarm sensors
√ Field voice monitoring
√Local GSM call/SMS + APP push alarm notification

Scope of Application:

Being used with kinds of Gingerway smart device and alarm sensors.

Technical Parameters:

Power Supply12VDC 1AStandby Current﹤120mA
Alarm Current﹤300mABuilt-in Standby Battery7.4V 900mAh Li-Ion battery
Standby Time of Battery8hoursSiren﹥90db
RF 433MHzRFT ransmit Power~10dbm
RF Receiving Sensitivity≤-105dbmRF Coverageabout 30m indoor, 100m barrier free
Wi-Fi802.11 b/g/nWi-Fi Transmit Powe≤18dbm
Wi-Fi Minimum Receiving Sensitivity≤-90dbmMaximum of controllable devices
Maximum of controllable scenes
16Maximum of controllable bindings
Operating Temperature0-60℃


(L * W * H)

Relative Humidity≤ 80% (Non-condensing)Weight320g
GSM Quad-band
GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900


GW-9324 SmartC Wi-Fi Smart Gateway with GSM Instruction

Quick User Guide of SmartC Gateways

Feature Comparison of gateways:

Gateway TypeLCD/Keyboard/ Siren/BatteryWi-FiEthernetGSM
GW-9322A SmartC RF Internet Gateway

GW-9323 SmartC WiFi Smart Gateway●(without battery)

GW-9324 SmartC WiFi Smart Gateway with GSM
GW-9325 SmartC Ethernet Smart Gateway●(without battery)

GW- SmartC Ethernet Smart Gateway with GSM

Description of ZGinger Mini:

ZGinger Mini is the client software of Gingerway smart gateways. Being used with Gingerway series of gateways to control the smart switches, curtain controllers, sensors, smart sockets and other Gingerway smart devices.

Meanwhile, it also supports corss-gateways scene, sensor linkage trigger, timed sence, alarm APP push, cloud service and other functions. Easy to setup and use!

Client Software Download:

ZGinger Mini for iOS

ZGinger Mini for Android

ZGinger Mini for Windows


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