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Not only provide high-quality smart home products to end customers, Gingerway also offer a series of OEM / ODM ervices from client demand analysis to product launching and product lifecycle management, to help our partners to provide differentiated products and services, establishing brand advantage.

Choosing Gingerway OEM/ODM solutions can effectively speed up the progress of products to market, reduce product cost and technical development risks.

Gingerway main founder members are from famous international or software company, with extensive experience in network protocols, embedded systems, software development processes, quality assurance system and so on.

We firstly proposed and implemented a new generation of Z-Ginger wireless home automation network.
We own multiple patents in the field of home automation, each product has two and more patents;
We have the integrated industrial design and mold manufacturing capacity;
Gingerway head quartered in Shenzhen, we have an advantage in the electronics, software, processing and other industries have made great industrial integration and industrial chain;

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