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What is Z-Ginger Wireless Network

Z-Ginger is an expandable, fast response 2-way communication wireless network, with multi subnets, low cost, low power consumption and high reliability. It’s the communication infrastructure of Gingerway home automation solution. 

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1. Consists of gateway, network node(devices) and network repeater.

2. Available global ISM radio frequency band: 315M, 433M, 868M, 915M, 2.4G.

3. Only one radio frequency point occupied for one network.

4. Can contain multiple subnets, which are connected through repeater.

5. Support up to 255 network nodes in a network.

6. Each network node supports 2-way communication.


1. Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint wireless 2-way communication.

2. CSMA mechanism to avoid network conflicts.

3. Support network repeater.

4. Ultra low power consumption.

5. Support 128-bit AES Encryption.

6. Support frequency agility.

7. Long distance up to 100 meters between any two network node.

8. Multilayer software architecture, easy migration for diffrent MCU&RF IC.


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